Vortex Generator NASA Roof Fin Kit Version Black. THE REAL DEAL! // PART # VG0700BK

$ 26.95

7 piece set of VMS Racing vortex generators (also available in Carbon Fiber look, please look at our other ads). This is the REAL DEAL. These micro-vortex generators actually produce miniature, controlled tornadoes, called "vortices". Without the production of "vortices" a vortex generator can not work! These micro-vortex generators actually sweep away uncontrolled airflow separation over your vehicles rear end with the benefit of reduced drag.

These are not the fins you see on allover the place being sold as vortex generators. These are real vortex generators that actually work! These micro-vortex generators were designed by a former NASA aerodynamicist who worked on the NASA Micro-Vortex generator program in the 80's and 90's. NASA stopped this program years ago but this former NASA engineer, who is an avid pilot, keep doing his own research and improved on what NASA has developed years ago. What you see here is the latest development of the micro-vortex generator.

NASA definition of what a micro-vortex generator is: Small, trapezoid-shaped, fin-like devices placed on the flaps of aircraft wings are increasing performance, reducing noise and saving fuel. Taken from: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/news/factsheets/Micro-VG.html So by NASA definition the fins being sold on eBay can not be vortex generator as they are not trapezoid-shaped, and by consequence can not create effective "vortices".

Please look at the pictures. The yellow Z06 Corvette installed these vortex generators to run at the Texas Mile and broke its previous speed record! Smart owner installed the vortex generators and thus far we have had good feedback from him, seems highway gas mileage has increased by a noticeable amount. Yes these things not only look good but actually work.


- Length: 4 3/4"

- Width: 3 1/4"

- Height: 1 1/4"

Fits the following applications:

- Universal fit, will work on virtually any car or truck.


- Only REAL vortex generators, designed by a former NASA aerodynamicist

- Decreases aerodynamic drag

- Decreases turbulence at the back of the vehicle

- Decreases rear end air flow separation

- Increases top speed of vehicle

- Increases the gas mileage

- Increases down force

- Easily installed with the pre-applied 3M automotive grade tape, just peel and stick!

- Best performing vortex generator on the market

- Made of the highest quality automotive grade UV resistant ABS plastic

- Can be painted to match any color