True Spike Lug Nuts

True Spike Lug Nuts are currently available in 11 different "Cap" styles: Bullet, Spiral Spike, Apollo Spike, Spike, Ribbed Spike, Poseidon, Dual Color, Muzzle Brake, Shotgun Shell, Revolver, and the Crown, and these break down even further with 3 different lower diameters: 16MM, 20MM and 25MM, and 5 main lengths: 136MM, 73MM, 51MM, 30MM and 21MM. We currently have in stock 56 different part numbers of caps, and each cap is available in up to 13 different finishes. So, there is a lot to choose from. Not everything is on the web site yet, but everything is in stock. So call (305) 463-0680 if you do not see what you are looking for. 

The length  of the lug nuts listed on the ad titles is the total length. So the size you see after the lug nut thread in MM is the TOTAL length, lug nut and lug nut cap. So if you have a 51MM lug nut and a 73MM lug nut cap it will be listed as 124MM on the title.