VMS Racing B-Series VTEC Engine Coil-on-plug Adapter Conversion Plate for Honda Acura B16 B18 // Part # COP001

$ 53.95

            VMS Racing coil-on-plug adapter conversion plate allows easy adaptation of individual K-series coils onto a B-series VTEC valve cover. This will not work on non-VTEC valve covers.

         If you are looking to convert your VTEC B-series engine's distributor ignition system to a 'coil on plug' distributorless ignition system, mounting the coil packs used be a challenge. The VMS Racing adapter plate allows you to easily install individual Honda/Acura K-series coil packs to the top of your B-series valve cover. 


- CNC Machined Billet Aluminum

- Beautiful anodized matte finish

- Mounts 4 individual coils

- Fits B-Series VTEC engines only (B16A and B18C)

- Easy to install


You can use our UF311 coils available here: