Universal Pro-Race Intercooler 27 x 5.5 x 2.5 BLACK

$ 104.95

VMS Racing high-performance, universal front-mount intercoolers. VMS Racing has a superior quality intercooler that is just right for your application. VMS Racing front-mount intercoolers are constructed of T6061 aluminum with precision TIG welding. Our universal intercoolers will provide the ideal cooling capacity for any turbo application, while safely increasing horsepower while minimizing boost loss. Please look at our store for accessories such as: silicone hose couplers, aluminum piping, T-Bolt clamps and more!

- Bar-and-plate core provides superior heat transfer while effectively reducing AIT's.
- Extremely strong one-piece cast aluminum end tanks withstand high boost pressures.
- Constructed with T6061 aluminum and precision TIG welded.