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    The Patented (D781,691) True Spike Tuner lug nuts are the new standard of the industry, CNC machined forged steel with a threaded end and rubber o-ring to be able to mount any of the True Spike billet aluminum lug nut caps. The o-ring will put pressure on the cap when tightened down so that your caps will not fall off.

    The tuner lug nuts are for the customers that have wheels that need to use the thin tuner lug nuts. These lug nuts are longer and thinner that the usual standard 39MM-41MM acorn lug nuts. These lug nuts are 51MM long. These use a regular 17MM socket to screw them on and off. If you have wheels that need tuner lug nuts then these are the lug nuts you need.

    These lug nuts are only available in 51MM length, so they will fit both cars and trucks. 

We have lug nut sleeve covers that are specific to these lug nuts. You can buy them here:


Tuner Lug Nut Sleeve Covers



US Patent: D781,691