$ 139.88

VMS Racing oil cooled T3/T4 Hybrid turbocharger consisting of a T3 turbine section, standard Stage III Trim, and a T04E compressor section. This combination offers the low inertia and fast boost response of the lightweight T3 turbine wheel and the high airflow characteristics of the T4 compressor family. This is an unbeatable combination for high output single turbo 4 cylinder cars and moderate output V6 cars. You can also use 2 of them for a high output V8 engine.

This exact same turbocharger has been used successfully on 400+ RWHP B Series Honda/Acura B series engines with complete reliability. We just finished a Scion TC with 320 RWHP using this same turbo. This turbocharger will work from 5 to 25 psi of boost. Perfect for use on: Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Civic, Honda Prelude, Acura Integra, Scion TC/XA/XB, Chevy Cobalt, Dodge Neon, Ford 2.3L Turbo Etc..

Compressor Specs:
- 3" compressor inlet.
- 2.130" Inducer.
- 2.755" Major.
- 2" Compressor Outlet.
- T04B/T4 Type Compressor Housing.
- Compressor .50 AR
- Compressor 57 Trim
- 6 Blade T4 type compressor wheel.

Turbine Specs :
- T3 Type Turbine flange.
- T3 V-Band flange.
- Turbine .63 A.R.
- 2.205" Minor and 2.570" Major Propeller.
- T3 Turbine Housing.
- 2.274" Outlet.
- 10 Blade Type Turbine.

Fits the following applications:

- Universal fit, will work on any T3 T3/T4 manifolds.


- 57 trim T04E compressor wheel with a maximum flow rate of 46 lb/min.
- 0.50 AR T04E compressor housing.
- Good for applications up to 420 HP.
- Each Turbocharger is individually computer balanced.
- Each Turbocharger is individually tested at the factory for correct operation before it leaves the factory.
- Includes: gaskets and bolts shown in the photo.
- Highest quality turbocharger with a proven track record.
- Good for applications up to 420 whp.