LS Engine Oil Pan Union Fitting Adapter For Pressure Temperature Senders or for Oil Feed // PART # FT0002

$ 39.95

VMS Racing oil pan union adapter for all LS style engines which include the LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7 wet sump, and the LSX engines. Comes with 2 mounting bolts. These adapters have 3 output holes which are tapped to 1/8" pipe fitting (NPT). This adapter bolts in place of the factory oil pan adapter directly above the oil filter (Look at the photos). The outlets can be used for an oil temperature sensor, oil pressure sensor, turbo feed, warning light and more.

This part is especially useful for when you need multiple feeds. For example, you put a supercharger/turbocharger on your LS engine, you now need a feed line, and you also have oil pressure gauge and you want to keep you warning light working... Well here is your one piece solution!
Unlike competitors parts which are left in raw aluminum, the VMS Racing adapter is hard anodized in a beautiful silver finish, for good looks and durability.


• Easiest way to install An oil temperature/pressure sender, or oil feed line for a turbocharger/supercharger .
• Highest quality T6061 billet aluminum.