Hub Centric Hubcentric Rings to Perfectly Center Your Wheels and Avoid Vibrations

$ 12.95

                  The VMS Racing hub centric rings are CNC Machined from billet aluminum and are designed to fill the gap between the hub of your car and the center bore of the wheel. This ensures that the rim is sitting 100% centered on the hub and eliminates any potential vibrations. These are anodized in black.




                Most modern wheels are hub centric as opposed to the older steel wheels which were lug centric. Most all aftermarket wheels, including the VMS Racing wheels, are lug centric. This is because aftermarket manufacturers make wheels to fit a wide variety of cars, and to do that they need to have a big hub diameter to insure that they will fit lots of different vehicles. An OEM manufacturer makes a wheel to fit a specific vehicle, and thus the hub size fits the axles perfectly.

              To insure that your wheels are properly centered on the hub of your vehicle, we recommend that you use our hub centric rings. These will eliminate any potential vibrations. The hub centric rings are not needed in most installations, but they assure you, that when you install your wheels, they are perfectly centered. 

                        ALL VMS Racing wheels have a hub size of 73.1mm.

These are the sizes we offer:

-73.1mm to 54.1mm

- 73.1mm to 56.1mm

-73.1mm to 57.1mm 

-73.1mm to 60.1mm 

-73.1mm to 63.4mm

-73.1mm to 64.1mm

-73.1mm to 66.1mm

-73.1mm to 66.9mm

-73.1mm to 67.1mm

-73.1mm to 70.3mm

-73.1mm to 70.5mm 

PDF Hub Centric Guide