Honda/Acura Valve Spring Compressor Tool B/H-Series Vtec Cylinder Heads B16A B18C H22A Integra GSR Civic Si

$ 39.95

    Are you tired and frustrated of trying to remove your Honda/Acura B or H series head valve springs with those universal tools that do not fit correctly and do not work? Well VMS Racing comes back again to the rescue with their B/H Series Honda/Acura Valve spring compressor tool!

     The VMS Racing B/H-Series Valve Spring Compressor is the fastest, easiest way to compress and remove valve springs for a performance upgrade or a simple service or repair. No more need to remove the cylinder head from the vehicle saving you time, and money on gaskets. You can now swap or upgrade your valve springs, replace damaged retainers or replace worn or damaged valve guides WITHOUT removing the head!

      The VMS Racing Valve Spring Compressor is CAD designed and precision CNC machined from a solid piece of aircraft grade T6061 Aluminum. It is then anodized using a unique hard anodizing process for a long lasting finish and lifetime durability. This is a very simple to use tool, you just attach it to the head with the two supplied short bolts. After the tool is attached to the head you simply put the retainer cap (which comes with kit) on the spring/retainer you want remove, you will then you tighten the long bolt that will push down on the retainer allowing you to easily remove the keepers. After that you simply release the tension on the bolt by unscrewing it and remove the retainer cap to remove the spring. This tool can be used with the head on the block.