STREET OR DRAG RACE 5 LUG MODULO WHEEL 15x10 5X120.7 (5x4.75") 25 OFFSET (6.5" BACKSPACING) or 50 OFFSET (7.5" BACKSPACING) 04-06 GTO// PART # VWMO016 or VWMO018

$ 184.95

      VMS Racing Modulo 5x120.7 (5x4.75") 15x10" wheel is currently only available in black milling. You can get either a 25mm offset (6.5" of backspacing) or a 50mm offset (7.5" backspacing).

      VMS Racing Wheels are used by both professionals and the street crowd because of their superb quality and craftsmanship, long recognized by enthusiasts for their great value and styling. VMS Racing wheels are one of today's most popular brands.

       These wheels may not fit on cars cars with disc brakes. Check for brake clearance by measuring from the center of the axle to the top of the caliper. This measurement cannot exceed 6-1/2"  [6.52"] or the caliper will come in contact with the drop center of the wheel.


- 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO will use 15x10 with 7.5" backspacing. Minor mods may be necessary.


- 18.5 pounds each.

- Cast aluminum.

- Sold each.

- This is a milled wheel, this is not a painted wheel.

Center bore: 73.1 MM

- Street legal: VIA and JLL approved.