$ 59.95

                      ANODIZED VMS Racing ULTIMATE Block Guard for D16/B16 SOHC engines. Most all aftermarket block guards are NOT anodized and will eventually corrode and get plugged, the anodizing will stop the corrosion. The VMS Block Guard provides added strength to the cylinder sleeves and will prevent cylinder "walk" and save your engine block, and engine. A Block Guard is needed if your engine sees forced induction or nitrous use. Built in coolant passages will allow proper cooling of the engine. This block guard will turn an open deck block into a semi closed one.

VMS engineers designed this to be the ULTIMATE block guard for many reasons:

1- NON SCALLOPED DESIGN: This solid block guard will not create stress or heat points on the cylinder sleeves, which will cause them to distort. This guard creates constant pressure on the block and cylinder walls which will not only reinforce them but keep them straight and true. SCALLOPED guards are a BAD IDEA!
2 - ANODIZED FINISH FOR CORROSION RESISTANCE: Anodizing prevents corrosion of the block guard, which can eventually block the water passages, just like what happens to a radiator!
3- COMPUTER DESIGNED WATER PASSAGES: Water passages were designed using the latest in fluid transfer technology software. You car will run just as cool as it ever did!
The VMS Racing Block Guards are manufactured completely from CNC Machined .410 thick billet AL7075-T6 Aluminum. 7075-T6 Aluminum has an ultimate tensile strength of 74,000–78,000 psi (510–572 MPa) and yield strength of at least 63,000–69,000 psi (434–503 MPa) which is comparable to steel, but at a fraction of the weight. One interesting use for 7075 is in the manufacture of M16 rifles for the American military.