$ 59.95

       VMS Racing Patented Billet Aluminum AR15 Bullet Antenna™ kit with EXCLUSIVE Patented Anti-Theft Device and Antenna Booster Coil. There is a Patent Pending on the design of the AR15 Bullet Antenna itself. Available in 5 different colors. 

                                 COOLEST LOOKING BULLET ANTENNA EVER!

      This design was inspired by Americas most popular sporting rifle, the AR15, and its military cousin the select fire M4/M16. The AR series of rifles have defended the homes,  property, and freedoms of Americans for over 50 years, and its cousin the M4/M16 rifles have fought for Americas freedom all over the world. 


      This antenna will install just like any other 50 caliber antenna, with the additional step of first removing the AR15 rifle, and installing the AR15 rifle after you mount the lower bullet antenna casing. You first need to remove the bullet antenna tip from the bullet antenna with the included spanner wrench. After you remove the bullet antenna tip, the AR15 rifle and its mount can be simply pulled off the stud that holds it and the antenna tip. You then remove your factory OEM antenna and simply install the lower bullet antenna casing by using the correct included antenna adapter and screwing it in. After the bullet antenna casing is screwed in, you put the AR15 rifle back onto the lower bullet antenna casing stud and then put the bullet antenna tip back on and tighten it. 

      The 50 caliber bullet part of the AR15 Bullet Antenna™ is manufactured completely from T6061 Billet Aluminum and hard anodized for a long lasting finish. Unlike many competitors antennas, the VMS Racing Bullet Antennas are made out of 100% CNC Machined billet aluminum. The miniature AR15 rifle is die cast out of aluminum, and then it is hard anodized in a matte black finish, just like a real upper and lower AR15 rifle would be finished.  The anodizing will prevent the antenna and rifle from fading with time. Easy installation, install in minutes with the included special Anti-Theft tool.

        Each antenna comes with a variety of adapters and studs to fit most vehicles with screw in style antennas. WILL NOT FIT vehicle equipped with power antennas.

Anti-Theft and Antenna Reception Booster Coil:

          These antennas come with a Patent Pending Anti-Theft device and a reception booster coil (look at diagram on photos). They come with a wrench to tighten the antenna, once tightened with the spanner wrench you can not remove it by hand. If someone wants to steal it they will need to use pliers and damage it. For additional security you can add some thread locking fluid, and since you have an actual wrench you will be able to remove the antenna even with a thread locker, something that can not be done with competitors products that come with thread locking fluid, which once installed can not be removed without damaging them with some pliers. The reception booster coil will help if you are in rural areas, it will not improve the reception to the OEM spec of the factory antenna, but it will get you close. 

Radio Reception Info :

          Like with most aluminum short replacement antennas, you might loose some radio reception, yes even with the patent pending booster coil, this varies by vehicle and depends on the area that you live. If you live in a rural area, the reception might not be good. These antennas are made of aluminum, and unlike the OEM antennas these are not amplified. Although many customers have told us that they never had any reception issues with these we wanted to state this info for reference.


• Total Length: 7 1/2 inches (19cm) from bullet bottom to the top of AR15 rifle.

• AR15 rifle Length: 7 inches (18cm).

• Bullet thickness: 15/16 inches (.940) at widest point (24mm).

Patented Anti-Theft device.

Patented Antenna Booster Coil.

• Patented AR15 antenna design.

• Bullet is CNC machined from T6061 billet aluminum.

• Rifle is die cast from aluminum.

• Available in 5 different color combinations.

• Beautiful hard anodized finish.

• Easy to install.

• Looks great!

 PATENT NUMBERS: D896,787,  D951,924 , and 10,784,560