$ 34.95

MATTE SILVER OEM QUALITY ABS Molded Plastic GAUGE BEZELS for all 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvettes. These bezels will DRAMATICALLY enhance the look of your dash. Please look at the photos so you can see the incredible difference that these bezels make!

The product itself is very simple to install. It comes with 3M double sided tape, just peel and stick and you are done! Just make sure that the surface is clean and they will never come off. Now getting to the gauges is another story, anyone can do this with regular hand tools but the job is a little involved as the dash has to be removed. If you are not mechanically inclined we suggest professional installation.

VMS Racing made these bezels out of OEM quality ABS plastic, as opposed to the aluminum others use, for several reasons. The aluminum has to be GLUED to the dash as it is not pliable and will not conform to the curves of the dash. Glue can and does make a mess and can certainly ruin your dash. The ABS is pliable and can easily conform to the dash for a perfect fit. It can also be mounted with 3M tape where the aluminum can not. The other issue was glare, the current aluminum offerings create too much glare where the Vms Racing bezels are matte silver and do not create glare.

These are without a doubt the nicest looking, best fitting, easiest to install gauge bezels for your Corvette available anywhere. Please look at the pictures and judge for yourself. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.