1992-2000 HONDA CIVIC EX DX LX CX SI SOHC 10.2MM SPARK PLUG WIRE SET 1.5L/1.6L D15 D16 Engines

$ 39.88

VMS Racing HIGH HEAT (600 DEGREES) 10.2MM Spark Plug wires for the 92-00 Honda Civic EX DX LX CX SI SOHC 1.5L/1.6L D15 D16 Engines. SOHC ONLY! WILL NOT FIT DOHC ENGINES!

This is one of the best engineered wire sets available for the Honda/Acura engines. VMS Racing engineers have outdone themselves yet again!

VMS engineers designed this to be the ULTIMATE set of Honda/Acura wires for many reasons:
1- 100% PURE SILICONE insulating jacket material: Jacket is made of TC-1500-HS high strength aerospace silicone rubber. These wires will withstand 600 degrees of heat! WORKS GREAT WITH HEADERS!
2 - LOW RESISTANCE WHILE BEING EMI AND RFI SUPPRESSED: 2.5MM conductor with stainless steel windings wound at 200 turns per inch. Just .5K OHMS per foot. Lowest Resistance possible while still maintaining necessary RFI suppression. NO MORE HEARING YOU ENGINE THROUGH THE RADIO!
3- Stainless Steel crimped terminals: Stainless steel snap lock terminals! NO MORE PULLING THE PLUG BOOT AND THE TERMINAL RIPPING OUT OF THE WIRE!

You can not buy a better wire set at any price. So why is the price so reasonable you ask? Simple, you are buying directly from the factory! There is no middleman here! Normally you would expect to pay $80-100 for a set of wire of this quality. But since we are selling directly to the consumer, you are not paying the warehouse distributor markup and then the retailer markup, which would easily double the price!