2020-2024 Chevrolet Corvette Racing Tow Hook Hooks C8 Stingray Drag Race Oval Track Available in Red or Black // Part # THC7F and THC7R

$ 76.95

          VMS Racing 4340 Chrome Moly tow hooks for your 2020-2021 Corvette Stingray. Available in red or black. This tow hook is designed to be used with the C8 Corvette OEM front or rear receiver, you just need to screw it onto the factory receiver. The shaft is made of chrome moly steel with a powder-coated red forged steel hexagonal ring that matches the look of your C8. The hexagonal loop ring is designed to not rub or hit grill or bumper as the Heim joint is very tight and you can tighten or loosen it as desired.

        VMS Racing's 4340 Chrome Moly Tow hook is a lightweight, easy to install solution for a front or rear tow hook on your 2020-2024 C8 Corvette. It’s made of 4340 Chrome Moly steel (for the ultimate in lightweight and strength). The loop ring is powder-coated red for durability, and to make it easy for the safety crew to find!

       The front and rear C8 Tow hooks will just screw into your factory receiver that is behind the grill on the passenger side front, or behind a small access cover on the drivers side rear. 


• Made of 4340 Chrome Moly steel for lightweight and strength.

• Loop ring is powder coated red for durability and to make it easy for the safety crew to find.

• Easily installed by just screwing it in to the factory receiver.