$ 114.95

     These are the new Bullet End True Spike lug nut caps. A new and totally unique design that will set you vehicle apart from all others. On the brass head of the bullet ends you will have half of them engraved with "go ahead" and "44 Mag" and the other half will say "make my day" and "44 Mag". So that when you put them on the wheel you can read "go ahead make my day" every time you look at them. On 4, 6 and 8 lug wheels this works great as you have an even numbers of lug nuts. On a 5 lug wheel you will end up with either an additional "go ahead" or a "make my day" per wheel. That is why we are listing them for 4, 6 and 8 lug wheels.
      If you have 5 lug wheels, buy a set of 16 and either an additional 4 "go ahead" or "make my day" lug nuts.
     On the drop down when you see either "go ahead" or "make my day" it will be for a pack of four pieces with just those letters to complete a set of five. If you choose just the color you like without the go ahead or make my day after it you will get a drop down with 16, 24 or 32 pieces. These will have half "go ahead" and the other half will be "make my day".
      Do you have to buy an new set of those cheap Chinese aluminum spike lug nuts every time you take your wheels off as the strip? Are you afraid of taking you car to a shop if they have to remove the wheels as you know they will damage the aluminum lug nuts? Can you really even see those tiny puny spikes?
  True Spike comes to the rescue yet again with an innovative and great looking product!!! NO MORE STRIPPED LUG NUTS!!! NO MORE BUYING THE SAME LUG NUTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! NO MORE PUNY LITTLE SPIKES!!!
  True Spike lug nuts are a totally unique design, that have multiple Patents Pending. The lower part of the lug nut assembly is manufactured out of CNC Machined Forged Steel, and the threaded spike is manufactured out of T6061 CNC Machined billet aluminum. The lug nuts are powder coated black and the spikes are hard anodized, for corrosion resistance and years of good looks. YOU CAN TORQUE THESE LUG NUTS TO FACTORY SPECIFICATION AND BEYOND! THE CNC MACHINED FORGED STEEL LUG NUT WILL NOT STRIP, EVER!!! ALSO THE SPIKE, WHICH IS WHAT YOU SEE,  WILL NEVER GET SCRATCHED, AS IT NEVER TOUCHES THE SOCKET!!!
   This is the highest quality, best looking, most unique lug nut you can buy!