$ 27.95

VMS Racing Steel 1"-3" Inch Adjustable Rear Lowering kit for :

2000-2003 Harley Davidson Sportster Bikes.

The truth about our competitors bent steel lowering kits :

We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the claims our competitors make that a bent piece of steel is safer than a welded piece of steel. The reality is that lowering kits that are made of a flat and bent piece of steel will never have the same resistance, nor will they be any safer than a welded one. We recently decided to put this to the test, we purchased one of our competitors lowering kits and decided to put some realistic weight on them. The first thing we noticed is that with a simple wrench it didn't take too much effort to straighten out and flatten the bent lowering kit (try that with a welded one!). After that we decided to install it in a Harley motorcycle and at the 2nd lowering setting, we put 2 passengers on it and began to jump in the pegs. After several times we decided to measure the clearance of the bent lowering kit and noticed that the bent part was already giving up, in other words it was lowering more than the setting it was originally installed for. In our opinion that is not safe at all.

Try to do the same in our "welded" lowering kits. You can easily put over 600 psi of pressure on them and will not break or move, not even a fraction of an inch!  Our kits are welded inside and out, when you bend steel it will loose resistance. Our competitors bent a piece of steel to make your lowering kit only because it is cost effective, not because they want to make a better product. Would you trust your life in something so cheaply made?

The reality is that a welded lowering kits are a safer and more durable way to lower your Harley. Please compare apples to apples when you buy a lowering kit/ Do not fall for the bogus claims that a bent piece of steel is any safer than a welded lowering kit. We have been selling these lowering kits for over 5 Years now and not a single kit has ever had a single "weld failure".