O2 Oxygen Sensor Restrictor Fitting with Adjustable Gas Flow Inserts Defouler Cel Fix Stainless Steel Straight or J Style

$ 16.95

VMS Racing T304 STAINLESS STEEL Oxygen Sensor Restrictor fitting with adjustable gas flow inserts. Available in a straight or a J-Style for vehicles that have clearance issues with a straight one. So you have an off-road vehicle or a race car and you have gutted or eliminated the catalytic converters. Now you have a check engine light! AARRGGHH!! So what do you do? Call VMS Racing and they will come to the rescue with their new Oxygen Sensor Restrictor Fitting with adjustable gas ports!

This is the perfect part for spacing the post cat O2 sensor in OBD2 cars with gutted catalytic converters or test pipes to eliminate a check engine light! It comes with 3 different gas port restrictors, so that you can tailor it to your individual vehicle. Hasta la vista, check engine light!

This product is for off road use & racing only. They are not legal for use on street cars.


• CNC machined from Stainless Steel.

• Includes 3 inserts and a c-clip whicg allows adjustment of restriction.

• Includes oxygen sensor crush washer.

• Easy to install.

• M18 X 1.5MM threads.

• Spaces the post cat O2 sensor to eliminate the check engine light.